Why our services matter

It's 2023 and...

as the world continues its spin cycle, time is becoming more valuable. They say college students graduating today will need multiple jobs to keep up with their parents. More than a trend, it seems like today's workplace is continually demanding more hours than previous years.

University life is no different. Parents who graduated college 20 years ago realize today's college experience is exponentially more demanding than their own. Ask a parent how much free time they had in college. Now, ask a current student. Times have changed -- time is no longer free.

Attending a university means way more than a degree today. Colleges are taking the opportunity to fill your lives with more classes, group studies, lecture series, and involvement in campus organizations. Your student experience is more than just academics.

But you still need clean laundry. It's a necessity, and DIY laundry is a nuisance chore that is also a major consumer of water. It's manual work that requires too much of your time. With 32 weeks of school, you will spend 96 hours a year in laundry rooms. That's four complete 24-hour days doing laundry. Let's say it again. You could spend four days a year - washing, waiting for a dryer, and folding your clothes.

We want you to get involved, be active, and participate in all you can while in school. As our leaders of tomorrow, we prefer you spend your time learning humanities, sciences, and arts, not wasting time in a basement laundry room.

Doing your own laundry doesn't add value to your formative years; it's just a chore. We'll do the dirty work and take this off your plate. It's our hope that you will invest the saved time somewhere contributive. Magic happens in college.

The sum of your university experience determines your future. We make that experience a more positive one.