Drop off dirty
pick up clean!

Our on-campus services will expertly clean student's laundry. Get time back to get the most out of college!

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Wear, put in bag, drop off, repeat

Students and faculty can bring their dirty laundry to our 24/7 lockers or attended service trucks parked outside of residence halls. We will separate, wash, dry, and fold your clothes into a tidy package for return to campus.

  • A banner showing our most popular plan: the 20lb plan

    1. Choose a plan

    Choose one of three plans:
    — 10 LB per week
    Good as a linen service
    — 20 LB per week
    Most popular plan
    — 30 LB per week
    Heavy use, good for athletes

  • A blue laundry bag filled with dirty laundry

    2. Pick up your bags

    After you've registered, you will receive two bacterial resistant, nylon bags: a large colorful Wash & Fold bag and a small black Dry Clean bag.

  • A pile of dirty laundry

    3. Fill with dirty clothes

    No need to sort colors, we'll handle it for you. Two bags for two types of cleaning; use the colorful bag for anything you'd put in a machine, and the black bag for anything you want pressed and returned on a hanger.

  • A college student dropping off his laundry at the truck on campus

    4. Bring us your bags

    With convenient drop times and locations outside your residence hall, it's easy to drop your bag with a friendly truck attendant or in one of our lockers. Learn what’s available on your campus.

  • College students enjoying all the free time they saved by not doing laundry

    5. Do your thing

    College was made for many things; laundry isn't one of them. So get out, meet everyone, and share your great ideas!

  • An organized stack of clean laundry

    6. Pick up clean clothes

    We'll be there, in the same convenient spot you dropped them off, ready to say hello and get you looking sharp for whatever life presents.

Loads of Hope

Tide Loads of Hope provides free laundry service and clean clothes to areas right after a natural disaster.

Learn more about Loads of Hope
"Parks right outside my dorm & folds my clothes. Tide Cleaners has made my life so much easier."

— Kyle from Indiana University

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